coming back???? maybe???

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well i have a ton of stuff and im soooo busy all the time i might come back after the whole lapracun thing is done at club penguin hopefully



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ok people  im back and boy i have a lot of stuff to do but first let me tell u guys something…I WON…remember the win a limited edition viking penguin contest from club penguin??? yea i won that. pictures coming soon.


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cant post right now….when i can post, ill tell u y and update my site a whole lot…probably next week or November 24…MY BIRTHDAY! lets just say I’m sick and in trouble. gtg and sorry…bye

Storm At Cove!!!

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Go to the cove and look though the binoculars.


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Sorry for the typo. sever(s) should be sever. It wont let me change it for some reason.

Update On Watex

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Here is his new but temporary site. Explains it all.

So 😦

Hint on opening Watexs site: sad

Anniversary Pin, Hats, and Other Stuff.

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Here is how to get the Hat.

Here is how to get the Pin. Go to the dance lounge.

I can not go any futher because I don’t have one yet. I shipped like 20 and am waiting for them to come. 😦

Here is the appron. It is old. 😦

Here is the post card they give you.

And lastly, all the toys are out.

P.S. This is the funnest picture ever!